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Our first English Course was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to making learning easily accessible to everyone. Founded in 2005, our unique approach to learning is designed to provide our students with the opportunity to get an education on their own time. Since then, we've developed into an organization dedicated to educating people around the world, both in non-formal education setting (courses) and formal education institutes (school).

At the heart of everything that we do is our commitment to accessible education and our students’ success. We invite you to explore our diverse offering designed for learners from all backgrounds and levels.

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LEIT (Leadership-English Institute)

- Offline English Course -

Our Offline English Course center is located in Tangerang. We cover a wide range of levels, starting from Early Childhood up to Business English. This course is highly recommended for those who live in close proximity to our center.


- Online English Course -

We also offer an online alternative to our Offline Course. The syllabus and materials used may slightly differ from our offline option, but we can ensure that the quality of teaching stays the same. We also provide many videos of lessons taught by native speakers. Highly recommended for people who want to learn English at their own paces.

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Leader Land School

In addition to our English Courses, we also offer formal education. Leader Land Preschool and Kindergarten is aimed at nurturing and educating young children to be great leaders of the world. We use a balanced hybrid of both foreign and domestic curriculums, which prepares our students for their life ahead.

Our Leader Land Primary School is focused on creating the optimal learning environment for our students. We offer fun and engaging teaching style, along with modern tools and resources to supplement everyday learning. We use a hybrid of both Cambridge and National curriculums.